Paz Producciones, S.L. was founded in 2004 as an independent company dedicated to the production of documentary films and to provide audiovisual contents for the Performing Arts and Culture.

Its last two documentaries are "Artesanos del humor" and "El artista emigrado". TVE1 and The History Channel acquired the broadcasting rights for both titles. These films also participated in several Film Festivals such as Festival Iberoamericano de Huelva, Primavera Cinematográfica de Lorca or Ibiza International Film Festival.

Paz Producciones is a pioneer in the production of promotional videos for the Performing Arts industry in Spain. The most important and prestigious theater and ballet companies put their trust in Paz Producciones to promote their shows in the audiovisual way. In this sense and expanding it throughout the culture area, our company works for regular customer such as Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN), Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND), Teatro Español, Canal de Noticias Culturales Iberoamericanas (NCI), Televisión Española (TVE), Universidad de Alcalá and Teatro de La Abadía among others.

Mª Paz Orejas (Executive Director) - Editor

Bachelor's Degree in Journalism with honors from Complutense University of Madrid and Master's Degree in Audiovisual Company Management from Carlos III University of Madrid.

She began her professional career in broadcast journalism as a reporter, producer and editor at the cultural section of various media in Madrid. Then, she was appointed Editorial Manager of the multinational internet company, for two years. In this role, she served as a communications professional dedicated to ensure the effectiveness, timeliness and accuracy of all publications.

In 2004 she co-founded the production company Paz Producciones with her brother, David Orejas, where she currently serves as producer, scriptwriter and film editor. Since the company’s foundation she has held the Executive Director position.

David Orejas (General Manager) - Director

Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography and Television Directing from TAI School of Arts and Entertainment of Madrid and Law Graduate from Alcalá University of Madrid.

He first came into contact with the professional film-making business working in the direction and production of fiction short films and documentaries for various production companies in Spain. During the shooting of the film 'Talk to her', directed by Pedro Almodóvar he met the Executive Producer of 'El Deseo’, Esther García, who encouraged him to shoot his following short films.

He created his own production company Paz Producciones with his sister, Mª Paz Orejas, in 2004. As founding partner, he is the General Manager of the company and he is responsible for its different video productions. He has also directed for the company the feature films "Artesanos del humor" and "El artista emigrado" which have been broadcasted on TVE1 and The History Channel.

1 TVE: the national public-service television broadcaster in Spain

Paz Producciones has the support of a versatile and talented team, which is made up of camera operators, photographers, designers, editors and media professionals who are responsible for different aspects of audiovisual production.

That's why our company works for you from start to finish. Paz Producciones is geared to fully service all phases of audiovisual production from the initial script through to the final broadcast quality master. All of this in an excellent high definition quality and with the careful attention that your production deserves.