El artista emigrado

El artista emigrado El artista emigrado El artista emigrado


Director: David Orejas
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2007
Length: 77’
Network: TVE1

Pepe, Libia and Gary are artists and performers. At one time in their lives they decide, each in his own way, to emigrate from Latin America to Spain. They are not fleeing from misery. They are not escaping politically but something within them pushes them to go in search of their personal and creative freedom.

Their lives are the reflection of the lives of many other people who have arrived in Spain to struggle and find themselves a place.

In their dreams they see themselves filling theatres, inaugurating exhibition and perhaps receiving critical acclaim. When they awaken from these dreams everything is the same as every other day with struggles, fears, uncertainty…. but also paint brushes, the stage, photography, light and the secret passion of becoming an artist in a distant land.

1 TVE: the national public-service television broadcaster in Spain

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